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Köhler & Bandl GmbH & Co KG

The company Köhler & Bandl was established in March 1998 by Adolf Köhler and Toni Bandl to manufacture innovative and cost-effective steel doors and steel gates (not built under license) and to offer those products in a highly competitive marketplace. In the early days, development and production was temporally integrated into the premises of the company Hekö, in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany.


Flexibility, high quality and short delivery times

In order to meet a constantly growing demand for their products, K&B moved to new premises in 2002. Köhler & Bandl uses the most up-to-date machines with a state of the art production-line offering the maximum possible flexibility in order to guarantee meeting individual customer‘s needs and produce high quality products within the shortest possible delivery time.