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Sliding Door T90-2-FSA „KB-S“

Product Description:
Fire Resistant, Single Leaf Sliding Door T90-2-FSA „KB-S“, tested and approved according to DIN 4102-5, Z-6.20-2101 dated 02.12.2018, for fitting into:

  • Masonry to DIN 1053-1, quality class min. 12 and mortar-group >II, min. wall-thickness 240 mm, or
  • Concrete to DIN 1045-1, quality class min. C12/15, wall-thickness 140 mm, or
  • Blocks of cellular concrete to DIN 4165 part 3, quality class 4, wall-thickness 240 mm, or
  • Lying cellular concrete plates with certificate, quality class min. 4.4, min. wall-thickness 175 mm, or
  • coated steel supports of at least the fire resistance class F90 according to DIN 4102-a

Door Leaf
Made of several 550 – 1400 mm wide elements (depends on the total dimension of the door). Door leaves 62 mm thick with 1 mm steel sheet thickness resp. 63 mm with 1,5 mm steel sheet thickness. Additionally with escape door or slip door (glazing available, maximum window size 550 mm x 1300 mm). Every element with glazing, maximum window size max. 900 mm x 1300 mm.

Surface Finish:
Even surface made of galvanized steel sheet (1 mm resp. 1.5 mm thick). Panel joints covered with cover strips. Optionally door leaf, cover strips, counterweight and counterweight-cover primed powder-coated (at extra cost), maximum door leaf height 4300 mm.

Door Suspension:
Elements mounted to spring suspended running gears.

Running Gear:
System running gear, running rails and consoles galvanized.

Recessed door handle resp. bail handle, alternatively lockable with hook-lock. Door is closed mechanically by counter-weights, door closing speed is adjustable by radial-damper (constant closing speed), shock-absorbers.

Fixing device, electric drive, spring rope pulley


Download Prospekt Feuerbeständige Stahlschiebetore T90-1-FSA/ T90-2-FSA “KB-S” (in German)
Download Montageanleitung Feuerbeständiges Stahlschiebetor T90-2 “KB” (in German)