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T30-1-FSA „KB“ resp. T30-1-RS-FSA „KB“

Product Description:
Fire-proof steel doors T30-1-FSA “KB” / T30-1-RS-FSA “KB” tested and officially approved in accordance with DIN 4102, Z-6.20-2055 dated 01.02.2015. Optionally with upper casing/ top light for fitting into masonry, concrete, porous concrete and construction stud walls F90 or coated steel supports of at least the fire resistance class F90.

Approved Size Range:
Width: 500 mm – 1500 mm
Height: 500 mm – 3700 mm
with upper casing/ top light height up to 4000 mm

Door Leaves:
53 mm thick (up to standard dimensions 1250 mm × 2500 mm) or 63 mm thick (up to standard dimensions 1500 mm × 4000 mm), thick or thin rebate (standard thin rebate) of 1.0 or 1.5 mm thick galvanized sheet steel, rebated on 3 sides ( wall flap rebated 4 sides), Reinforcement made of flat steel profiles and u-profiles, consisting of mineral fiber insulation and plasterboard, 3 security bolts (wall flap with 1 security bolt).

Surface Finish:
Door leaf primed powder-coated in traffic white (RAL 9016).

Hinges and Closing Devices:
2 construction hinges with ball-bearing 160 × 16 × 4, top door closers or spring hinge (spring hinge only for Standard dimensions 1250 mm × 2250 mm, sheet thickness 54 mm).

Corner frame made of 2 mm thick galvanized steel sheet, screwable, with welded on wall plug anchor and with EPDM seal to 3 sides. Frame filled with foaming (in case of fire) material. Alternatively available with counter frame 1.5 mm thick, or 2 mm thick block frame.

Mortise lock with lever/ knob in accordance with DIN 18250, FS-round handle set in black for profile cylinder.

Fire-resistant glass, Promaglas 30 Type 1, Type 3 and Type 5 or Type Pyrostop 30-10, 30-12, 30-20 and 30-25. Maximum pane dimension 1200 mm × 2200 mm, width of Frieze at least 150 mm. Door leave, upper casing/ top light also available with round glazing or multiple glazing. Galvanized steel glazing profile, 2 mm thick, primed powder-coated in traffic white (RAL 9016). Also available in stainless steel or aluminum (as cover). Fire-resistant glass clear (is not suitable for outdoor use). Top door closers needed!

Additional Security Functions:
Smoke-proof in accordance with DIN 18095 with retractable bottom seal or profile with seal. Approved Size Range:
Width 500 mm – 1500 mm
Height 500 mm – 3000 mm
with upper casing/ top light height up to 4000 mm. Top door closers needed!

Burglar Resistance:
Burglar Resistance in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630:2011-09 RC2 – RC4.

Sound insulation:
Sound insulation according to DIN EN ISO 717-1 with special equipment Rw ‘= 45dB.

Heat Insulation:
ca. UD=1,9W/(m²K)


Download Prospekt Feuerhemmende Stahltür T30-1-FSA “KB”/ T30-1-RS-FSA “KB” (in German)
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